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The World's most glamorous lenses from the Middle East – Now Down Under

Anesthesia Australia is the sole and exclusive authorised reseller of Anesthesia Lenses in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Asia.

There's no surprise that Anesthesia Lenses are the best-selling cosmetic contact lenses of the Middle East. We are here to share this best kept secret with YOU – our international glam fam! Unlike any other on the market, our mesmerising lenses are for those who dare to #GoGlam!

Based in Victoria, Australia, Anethesia Australia specialises in providing all who dare to #GoGlam with unrivalled sophisticated and luxurious coloured contact lenses. 

The Anesthesia Australia line of 12 unique and glamorous lenses are designed for a 6 month wear with a variety of colours to choose from. Much more than just a pretty face, our lenses are safe, FDA approved, comfortable and natural to wear. 

As the only exclusive Anesthesia contact lens online distributor, is dedicated to providing you with a simple, hassle-free way to purchase your internationally-renowned Anesthesia contact lenses.

LENSES by ANESTHESIA AUSTRALIA. For those who dare to #GoGlam!

Please note that the only place to purchase genuine Anesthesia Lenses is on – Any other vendor is unauthorised, is not associated with Anesthesia and may be selling counterfeit products.

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