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ANESTHETIC vs. DREAM. What's the Difference?

To my dearest Anesthesia Angels and all those who dare to #GoGlam, A question I've been asked ALOT of late seems to have many of you curious for answers! So without further ado, lets get straight into it! ANESTHETIC vs DREAM - What's the difference? I'm sure you will have noticed that every Anesthesia lens stars with either the word "Anesthetic" or "Dream". These words represent the two different collections of luxury lenses. That's right! Anesthesia Australia offers two 2016 collections of luxury coloured contact lenses. Each and every one of the amazing shades are capable of transforming even the darkest eyes into light sea tones. Here's all you need to know about them to find your perfect signature look. ANESTHETIC:...

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Quote of the day, 3 November 2016 - The Window to the Soul

'All eyes are captivatingly beautiful. Not only because of their colour, but because of the words they hold within them'. What are your eyes telling the world?✨ It is said that by looking into someone's eyes for seven seconds, you are able to see right through them, deep into their soul. I can think of no other part of the human body that can so earnestly convey the beauty of a soul, or even the pain held within a person's heart.  I love to allow myself to fulfil full expression through my eyes through the mesmerising collection of Anesthesia lenses. While my eyes are only one colour, I know there are as many unique shades and facets to my precious...

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Anesthesia Australia 'Dream Green' Lenses on @Lucindapanarellomakeup!

To my dearest Anesthesia Angels and all those who dare to #GoGlam, Have you seen our Dream Green lenses on the beautiful makeup artist @lucindapanarellomakeup? WOW. She certainly knows how to #GoGlam and is just as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside.❤️ Lucinda says on her Instagram post: "They are truly the prettiest green I have ever seen, my eyes are naturally dark and they cover them amazingly, they are so soft and comfortable on my eye I could barely feel them!" Agreed! This rich green colour is a perfect match for naturally dark eyes and is super comfortable to wear. We think green contact lenses are also so complimentary to her gorgeous dark hair and...

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Ladies, gentleman and all those who dare to #GoGlam! It is with great pleasure that we announce: Anesthesia Australia is NOW OPEN! *Confetti and BUCKET LOADS of glitter* We're thrilled to share these international best-selling lenses from the Middle East with you, our international #Glamfam. Visit our website to view our exclusive collection of luxury coloured contact lenses. They're like nothing you've seen before... STRICTLY For those who Dare to #GoGlam! 💎 If you too are a glamazon (yes, you know who you are) we warmly invite you to join our fabulous community of Anesthesia Angels 😇 Keep up to date with us and indulge in all the 'OTT' glam trends from around the world by following us on Instagram, @anesthesiaaustralia! And of course, don't forget to LIKE us on...

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